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Fool-proofing Pathological Specimen Label | Test tube label

The patients’ specimens, test samples and sampling tasks, etc. are very complicated and diverse in the medical environment. Specimen mix-up resulted from incaution may result in serious consequences. The use of ordinary labels for identification may inevitably cause human errors such as repeated pasting, label transposition (shifted label), etc.


Text shows up when the label is torn off

Our pathological specimen labels feature for a good function that relevant text will show up when the labels are torn off. Whichever label on the test tube, bottle or jar is torn off, an obvious OPEN VOID identification text mark will show up and force the user to verify the content of specimen and re-write the label to avoid any misuse of label.


Label text can be transferred onto the pasted object

The labels with “text shows up when the label is torn off” identification function can be non-transferable or semi- transferable types. The text will only show up on the label itself without leaving any residual glue of text mark while a non-transferable label is torn off, thus there is no need to remove the residual glue. As to the application of semi- transferable labels, some residual glue with text mark would be also left on the attached surface which forces the user to either change the test tube, packing or clean the jar or bottle before re-use.

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