Our Philosophy


In the face of the situation that piracy and counterfeiting remain rampant, and the packaging of products get stuck in a rut. Holo Solution uses hologram security technology to make an effort for the society and also present a brand new visual packaging for products. We are a professional hologram manufacturer in Taiwan and produce high level and quality hologram label and other related products. We are a team with great chemistry. With the boundless enthusiasm of work, dedication to the profession, and responsibility for customers, we do all our best to keep producing good products.

Our Faith


Provide clients professional custom service, boost up customers’ product texture, as well as offering high recognizable and anti-counterfeit packaging with reasonable price.

color Scheme

The blue color trait is high-tech, reliable color, and it also symbolizes Lingyun's own professionalism. It uses all-round anti-counterfeiting technology to make customers' brand development without worries.

Logo Style

Through the diamond-shaped symmetrical frame and the embedded cloud image, it echoes the "Ling Yun". The design of the three-dimensional streamline is more representative of the energy of Lingyun's vitality.

Brand Name

We are committed to creating a company that is not unconventional. The "Ling" of the water word has the characteristics of soft and diverse water, which reflects Lingyun's approach to finding innovative ways for customers. Named "Ling Yun", it also has the master's temperament, creating a community of life that complements customers and manufacturers.

Our Goal

‘‘ OUR GOAL ’’

Hologram effect can be widely used on diverse materials and products that let goods not only practical but also have strong sense of beauty and texture. Therefore, welcome all kinds of industries to development out-of- box products together with Holo Solution. We expect for the cooperation and brainstorming with each other to achieve a win-win situation. We believe that enterprise survival key is know how to find problems, understand problems and solve problems. Constantly innovating and changing is the philosophy of Holo Solution. Holo Solution is definitely your best partner.

Our Client


Our Team

‘‘ OUR TEAM ’’

Our Factories and Equipment


Digital Hologram Camera
Evaporation Machine
Electroforming Process
Plate Joint Machine
Hot Press Rolling Process
Solvent Adhesive Coating
Hot Melt Adhesive Coating
Die Cut Process
Die Cut Process
Positioning Hot Stamping
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Our History



We Serve all the product security printing and anti-counterfeit printing.

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