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Optically Variable Ink (OVI) security labels

Updated: Jul 16, 2021

Optical Variable Ink (OVI) can be seen at different angles for different ink colors. The Optical Variable Inks have their unique features due to the complexity and variability among different manufacturers’ formulas. For example, the photochromic inks used for banknotes are subject to the control of government units and it is extremely difficult for other printers to tune for the same color patterns.

Photochromic ink OVI has the strength of being easy to authenticate on the user side. No special authenticating tools are required. All you need to do is turn and adjust the viewing angle and observe whether the ink has changed its color correctly to confirm authenticity.

The more advanced security technologies also include the design of anti-counterfeit underlines or gobos, and the printing of anti-counterfeit underlines with photochromic ink OVI. The counterfeiters not only have to produce similar photochromic inks, but also have to trace the extremely complex security underlines. The author has seen this problem on a well-designed counterfeit Renminbi (RMB).) Although similar photochromic inks have been produced, the anti-counterfeiting underlines are not drawn with sufficient precision, resulting in the ink spreading and blurring together. The flaw can be easily seen by the discerning eye.

To learn more about the 「Anti-counterfeiting Security Printing Pattern」, please click on this link.

Optically Variable Ink (OVI) security labels

Various color change configurations

Photochromic inks are available in a wide range of color change patterns, which can be matched with different design expressions. However, the degree of color change on different printing substrates varies between different color change patterns. In some cases, the color change will be very visible, while in others we want to hide the color change, depending on the needs of the security design.

Optically Variable Ink (OVI) security labels

Combine with laser textures, upmost anti-counterfeiting solution

The features of Color-changing inks reside in color variations and formula complexity, while laser textures are excellent for their high resolution and multi-angle stealth. The integration of these two extremely sophisticated anti-counterfeiting technologies can make the unscrupulous dealers’ conducts end up to no avail.

Optically Variable Ink (OVI) security labels



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