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Hot Melt Adhesive Coating

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

The Hot Melt Adhesives are generally referring to the glues to be softened by heating before they are coated onto the surfaces. The hot melt adhesive we have used for coating is a kind of non-drying adhesive, or called self-stick adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive. Just like other stickers in the market, the attachment process can be done simply by applying pressure. Comparing to the Acrylic adhesive (or Oil Glue), the adhesive we have used does not contain any organic solvent that there is no concern for causing allergy or skin itch, and it is relatively harmless to the human body in the production process.

OEM Service for Hot Melt Adhesive Coating


Narrow-Formatted Small Volume Operation

The max operational dimension of hot melt adhesive applied by HOLO SOLUTION INC. is 200mm, ideal for small-volume/multiple-types of operations. We can control the coating dimension and perform spacer gluing effect, i.e. alternately apply adhesive at certain interval to apply adhesive on one portion and not to apply adhesive on certain potion. Such measure is ideal for some applications such as vertical stickers, or double-layer stickers, of the shampoo or shower cream bottles. Adhesive is purposely not to be applied at the pull-apart portion for the ease of tearing off the stickers.

OEM Service for Hot Melt Adhesive Coating

OEM Service for Hot Melt Adhesive Coating


Solvent Free and Wide Applicable Scope

Oil glue (or called Acrylic adhesive) uses organic solvent as an auxiliary liquefaction media. As it is possible that organic solvent could damage the material surface, while hot melt adhesive is a kind of melted soft glue that there is no need for such auxiliary agent, thus its application scope is even wider. It can be applied to metal film materials with a coating layer and ordinary paper materials. Moreover, its transparency is also good enough to be used as a glue for transparent glazing film.

OEM Service for Hot Melt Adhesive Coating

OEM Service for Hot Melt Adhesive Coating

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