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QR Code security label | Barcode Label | scratch off label | Verification Label

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

The QR code can condense a large amount of complicated information into a small box, saving space for labels. Smartphones can easily read the QR code and link to a websites. Through the EASYTELL Product Verification Center, QR Codes can be used to verify the authenticity of products via cloud technology.

QR Code security label

QR Code security label


The scratch off tamper proof ink conceals the QR code | opening the package reveals the QR code.

Verification QR Codes are usually designed for one-time use and will fail (or enable certain features) after scanning. Therefore, the QR Code needs to be masked with a scratch off ink, and then revealed by scraping to indicate the package has been opened.

QR Code security label


Color Printing QR Code Security Label

Color printing can have richer color performance than holographic labels. The use of anti-counterfeit shading designs can also achieve basic anti-counterfeiting benefits.

For more information on "security shading designs", please refer to the link: 「security shading designs

QR Code security label


Variety of bar code specifications available | Barcode | Serial number | QR Code

Holo Solutions, Inc. offers a variety of bar codes. In addition to the QR Code, there are bar code formats such as Ean13, Code128, and ISBN, as well as serial numbers and random numbers. All 2D or 3D codes can be variably dealt with, that is, each tag has a unique set of codes, and the codes of each tag are different, so as to safeguard the integrity of products and optimize logistics and distribution.

QR Code security label


Taiwan agricultural production traceability

In response to global trends, farmers everywhere have begun to establish their own resumes, which can be easily pasted and scanned by way of utilizing QR codes.

QR Code security label


Public version of QR Code security label

Holo Solution Inc. released a propitiatory version of varying anti-counterfeit QR code labels. High-level anti-counterfeiting labels can also be bought in small volumes, with customized logos and on-demand information.


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