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EASYTELL Anti-Counterfeit Security Verification | QR Code Scan Verification

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Have you ever been worried about getting fake products after making online shopping?

Do you have any innovative products, which could not be marketed due to counterfeit products?

Have you ever been doing as an agent, but faced with issues of distribution management or parallel imports falsifying, reputation destruction and together with unknown customer claims coming along?

EASYTELL Online Verification Center is the solution to solve your troubles. EASYTELL has integrated anti-counterfeiting verification and brand marketing altogether that you can tell whether the item is genuine or fake simply by scanning the QR code, the concern for buying a fake product can be released, and the brand credibility can be upgraded. The brand stories can be promoted by linking the physical stores and online channels adequately. The serial linkage of online brand marketing and offline experiences allows the anti-counterfeiting to be not just a passive prevention, but also a media of active marking approach.

EASYTELL Product Verification Center | QR Code Scan Verification

Anti-counterfeiting verification | Ticket verification | Ticket cutting

EASYTELL integrated security labels, built-in Security QR Codes, and the On-Line Anti-Counterfeiting Verification System have been well consolidated together. The embedded product serial numbers, randomly-numbered security codes, and all their complex anti-counterfeiting combinations have made it impossible for dishonest businesses to copy our products.

Identifying is easy. Open the product by scratching off the silver coating. Use your cellphones to assure the products authenticity by scanning the QR Code under the silver coating. Scanning the QR Code on the bottom with your cellphone can grant you access to EASYTELL Product Verification Centers services.

EASYTELL Product Verification Center | QR Code Scan Verification

Distribution Management | Product Traceability | Product Warranty

After scanning the QR Code on the picture above, your cellphone will shows the successful verification screen, which means that this set of security code and background database is correct, proving that the label isn’t a counterfeit! Verification results will show the times that this security code been verified, normally the code will only be verified once, so it would indicate that the code has been verified once. If it shows that it’s been verified more than once then there is a chance that the product might be a counterfeit.

Entirely customized security verification systems are pretty expensive. Yet, by using our EASYTELL Security Verification Center, you only have to provide Brand information to use this low cost service immediately!

EASYTELL Product Verification Center | QR Code Scan Verification

EASYTELL Product Verification Center | QR Code Scan Verification

Anti-counterfeiting Identify

Anti-counterfeiting identify – In addition to the system’s automatic authenticity function, EASYTELL also provides anti-counterfeiting illustration, which allows consumers to verify the products on their own. It strengthens customers’ confidence and reduces the costs of customer complaints and service requirements.

Anti-counterfeiting description

Brand Marketing and Promotion

Brand marketing - the ultimate goal of anti-counterfeiting is to increase the value of the brand and to pass the brands’ beliefs to the consumers. Through product verification and then market the brand image will increase consumers’ brand recognition.

Brand marketing

Responsive web site | No need to download APP, verify immediately

Responsive Web Design - EASYTELL has adopted responsive web technology, which can automatically adjust the template types that it is able to adapt different sizes of operation interfaces or mobile devices. It can be read and used easily from the mobile phones and computers. It is even more wonderful that no APP download and installation is required. Simply scan the QR code, and you are ready to use and verify immediately.

Public version of QR Code security label

Holo Solution Inc. released a propitiatory version of varying anti-counterfeit QR code labels. High-level anti-counterfeiting labels can also be bought in small volumes, with customized logos and on-demand information.

Link to 「QR Code Public Label




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