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Warranty Sticker with Breaking Line

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Use special cutting line design to make label easily tampered when tearing. It can also combined with dotted lines for quick and effortless unpacking.

Warranty Sticker with Breaking Line

The use of VOID or transfer-type tamper-evident materials has the advantage of easy recognition. However, do not overlook the older technique known as the "breaking line." This technique involves designing destructive structure on the label, making it easy to destroy the label when removed, achieving the effect of breaking the seal.

This process can be carried out simultaneously with die-cutting, minimizing additional costs. However, do not underestimate it; a well-designed "breaking line" requires careful consideration of label size, shape, sealing method, and intricate design planning. This ensures that the label can be smoothly applied without damage when affixed to the substrate but becomes difficult to remove intact from various angles.

Holo Solution has extensive experience in the design of "breaking line", organizing various forms of them. Each type of "breaking line" yields different results, allowing for the selection of an appropriate design based on the specific application. Factors such as whether the label is applied flat or around corners, the presence of screw holes, sealing circular cans, and other variables are considered in the design process. Additionally, the choice of label shape or pattern is incorporated into the planning for optimal effectiveness.

Warranty Sticker with breaking Line

Warranty Sticker with Breaking Line


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