Tamper-Evident Sealing Tape | Confidential Tape | Anti-counterfeiting Tape

Confidential documents can be unsealed, falsified or stolen during the transfer process. Even when they are sealed with glue, they can be carefully cut open and then sealed again with glue! When you use the tamper-evident tape to seal the documents and then tear it off, the mark of “VOID OPEN” will be left at the opening, so that you can immediately judge whether it has been unsealed or not. The mark of “VOID OPEN” will also be left on the disposable tape for one time use, so that it cannot be re-used. This kind of tapes are applicable to all kinds of confidential documents and important commodities, as they can eliminate concerns about unsealing during the transfer process.

Shopping Bag Sealing

After checkout, it can be attached to the paper bag opening to confirm that the contents have been checked out and eliminate the concern that someone else may open it.


It is made into a full roll of tape, and it can be easily cut with the 3" tape cutter.

Customization Demand

If the demanded volume reaches above 300 rolls or the anti-counterfeiting requirements and budgets are higher, we can also set a special edition for your customization demand.


We Serve all the product security printing and anti-counterfeit printing.

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