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Updated: Oct 9, 2019

If you need to identify whether the label has been torn off or not, you would need tamper evident seal sticker. There are many different types of tamper evident seal stickers here that you can choose depends on the situation of your packaging.

Hologram Paper Seal Sticker

Hologram Paper Seal Sticker has good adhesion on box seal and can customize exclusive pattern to enhance brand recognition and protection.

If we stick Hologram Paper Seal Label lightly in the beginning, it can be torn to avoid sticking wrong. However, after a period of time, the sticker will be tightly bonded with the substrate and not easy to tear off to achieve tamper function.

The hologram laser film is attached to the surface of the paper and has a basic "waterproof" function.

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Destroy Cutting Line Design + Hologram Seal Sticker

Ordinary hologram seal sticker can be combined with color printing. Destroy Cutting Line Design can also achieve the purpose of tamper evidence. Use special cutting line design to make label easily tampered when tearing. It can also combined with dotted lines for quick and effortless unpacking.

Transfer Tamper Evident Sticker

Some materials would appear words on the label or transfer the words to the things you stick on. It's be easier to identify whether the label has been torn off or not.

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Seal Sticker

Seal sticker of aluminum foil is commonly used on food and cosmetics packaging. Plus small puller to facilitate tearing and have the role of preservation.

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