Gold foil embossed idol | Buddha cards (amulet) | Lucky Cash / Gold Cash

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

Gold foil embossing is suitable for auspicious and protective products such as Buddha cards, god images, lucky cashes or amulets because of its splendor.

Holographic Laser + Gold Foil Embossed Buddha cards

Gold foil embossing can be combined with holographic laser textures to create 3D or more vivid images.

Color Printing + Gold Foil Embossed Buddha cards

Gold foil embossing mainly uses fine textures to create shading effects. Usually only a single color is applied, but more colorful expressions and more realistic images can be realized if you combine it with color printin

Lucky Cash / Gold Cash | Gold Foil Embossed auspicious cards

If you preserve a relevant space on the Buddha card for attaching a coin, after it is fetched passing the incense burner, it can be used as a lucky coin to pray for money coming in all year long.

Buddha Statue Stand | Gold Foil Embossed Heart Sutra

The Gold Foil Embossed Buddha cards or Heart Sutra cab be embedded into acrylic stands for decoration on desk or shrine


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