Fragile Warranty Label | Electronic Screw Sealing | Warranty Void if Teardown

No more worry on warranty and tamper disputes

The eggshell paper is made of fragile material which can easily be broken by piercing with a screw driver. It would break into pieces and there is no way to put it back to the way it was when anyone tears it off. It is therefore ideal for attaching onto the screw hole or applying on sealing area to avoid warranty dispute.

Laser anti-counterfeiting, tamperproof and anti-counterfeiting

The ordinary screw hole tamperproof stickers do not have anti-counterfeiting features that some unscrupulous vendors can replace with fake stickers, and similar stickers are easily available in the markets too. Holo Solution has exclusively developed stickers with anti-counterfeiting feature which have achieved effects of both tamperproof and anti-counterfeiting.

Customized Production

Exclusive versions of laser patterns are recommended for high level anti-counterfeiting requirements. As to small orders, Holo’s public-edition products are good for your choices. The logo areas are specifically printed white for customization to enrich the public-edition variety.


We Serve all the product security printing and anti-counterfeit printing.

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