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Special edition Holograph Embossing | Microlens Hologram Label

Updated: Mar 9

As the master costs of hologram labels are very high, thus we would recommend the “Microlens Hologram Label” process if the demanded quantities are not large enough. Compared to the ordinary custom-version hologram applications, such process has constraint on anti-counterfeiting for extremely fine details, but Holo Solutions, Inc. has integrated the Microlens technique which is unique on the market and has strongly enhanced the entry barrier on anti-counterfeiting of “Flat Hologram”.


Microlens | The world's leading anti-counterfeiting technology

Usually only meaningless dot patterns are visible if we use the specific Microlens visual films to inspect the ordinary laser film materials, while the Microlen films which developed by Holo Solutions, Inc. will show ®(Registered Sign) bottom patterns.

microlens hologram


Step1-Label design

Logos on the Label s, colors and pictures can be customized, design principles are as below:

A. The largest finished product size 28x28mm

B. Word height over 1.5mm , line width over 0.2mm

C. Minimum 2x2mm space for Microlens pattern identification must be preserved

If you have doubts, you can provide picture logo vector file (ai、pdf、eps…) , and have Holo Solutions, Inc. design for you.

microlens hologram


Step2- Picking laser pattern

Background lines fixed as Microlens effect, prospect logo or patterns can use 1 to 2 different laser textures.

Link to Microlens public version


Step 3- Finished product

microlens hologram

microlens hologram


Refraction Embossing + Microlens Hologram

Combine Microlens Hologram Refraction Embossing , making more complex texture.

microlens hologram

Special edition Holograph Embossing | Custom Flat Hologram Labels

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