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OBASSO security store

Please note that the currency used on this site is U.S. dollars.

Product features:


  • After affixing the tape, a VOID destruction mark will be left on the package if it is torn off afterwards. Judgement can be made immediately whether it has been opened or not.
  • After unpackaging the tape is damaged and cannot be re-used.
  • Ideal for various security-sensitive document and confidential items/goods. It helps get rid of the concern on whether the package has been opened or not during the shipment, and it is applicable for the sealing areas of envelops, cartons, parcels, etc.

Tamperproof Security Tape | Sealing & Packaging Tape | Anti-counterfeit

    • Destruction marks: VOID SECURITY
    • 50mmx50M
    • 3” inner diameter
    • Red/Blue


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