Product Features:

  • Before copy, on the original document, we can see light green background design, which is composed of many complex lines. Use the complicated changes through thin or bold curved lines have been used which come up with specific patterns that it not only creates quality textures with authority, the redrawing process also make it difficult to forge.

  • On the duplicate, the light green background blurs and even disappears into a piece of white paper.




  • コピーする前にある複雑な緑色の線の模様・ベース模様の弯曲は、幾化学的な模様に変化するため、もし偽造しようとしても、ほぼ不可能です。
  • コピーの後、薄緑色のベース模様は、ぼやけて無くなり白くなります。


Anti Copy Paper, Security A4 Copy Paper, Contract Paper, No.3, 500 sheet

  • Product Specifications

    • Relief Text Design

    • Extremely thin line in light color

    • Background line design disappears on duplicate

    • A4(210*297mm)



    • エンボス文字

    • 薄い色の極細ライン

    • コピー後にベース模様消失

    • A 4(210×297)


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